Technical Tools

In addition to providing complimentary one-on-one support, our Technical Services team has developed a series of engineering tools to aid facilities during the design phase of their project. Each document condenses years of data and testing into a user-friendly, downloadable tool.

Cryogel Specification Guide

This guide outlines how to use Cryogel® Z for cold or low temperature thermal applications, acoustical treatment and/or passive fire protection.

Pyrogel XTE/HPS Specification Guide

In addition to outlining when to use either Pyrogel® XTE or Pyrogel® HPS, this guide contains advice on metal jacketing, especially on vertical installations.

Cold Acoustics Design Calculator

Our Excel-based, plug-and-play calculator helps simplify the cold acoustics design process.

Pyrogel XTF Specification Guide

This guide contains detailed drawings and instructions for using Pyrogel® XTF as thermal insulation and passive fire protection.