About Aerogel

What is Aerogel?

The most common type of aerogel, silica aerogel, is derived from a solgel reaction in which the liquid filled pores have been replaced with gas. This results in an extremely low-density solid that can be imparted with several remarkable properties such as hydrophobicity.  

Why is Aerogel a Good Thermal Insulator? 

The solid component in silica aerogel consists of tiny, three-dimensional, intertwined clusters. They comprise only 3% of the volume and are very poor conductors. Air in microscopic pores make up the remaining 97% of aerogel’s volume. This air has very little room to move, inhibiting both convection and gas-phase conduction. These characteristics make aerogel the world’s lowest density solid and most effective thermal insulator. 

Our Industry-Leading Aerogel Technology Platform®

Aspen Aerogels was the first company to successfully commercialize a technically and economically viable form of aerogel insulation. Pyrogel® and Cryogel® products reimagined the role of industrial insulation and became essential tools for engineers in process stability and asset protection. 

Our commitment to continuous innovation is leading the way to a more sustainable future. Battery OEMs harness our aerogel technology platform to meet performance and safety requirements with our PyroThin® thermal barrier solutions. We look forward to supporting the next generation of sustainability challenges with our carbon and hybrid aerogel platforms.