Superior Pipe-in-Pipe (PiP) and Pipeline End Termination (PLET) Aerogel Insulation Solutions

Engineers require thermal insulation that can satisfy the growing complexities of a piping system’s design in offshore oil and gas production. Spaceloft® Subsea is prepackaged, high-performance aerogel insulation. Its thin and flexible format accommodates wiring of any size, ideal for electric heat tracing or directly electrically heated pipe-in-pipe (PiP) systems. Pyrogel® XTE insulation comes in a blanket format, perfect for the complex geometry of pipeline end termination (PLET).

Aspen Aerogels is a leader in subsea insulation, with an install base of over 1732.1 km (5.68 million feet). With more than two decades of experience supporting subsea projects around the globe, our team can help with your project’s unique needs. For assistance in your upcoming project, contact us today.


  • Cut Construction Costs

    Spaceloft Subsea aerogel insulation’s thin blanket format and superior thermal performance is ideal for pipe-in-pipe (PiP) because it allows engineers to decrease the outer pipe’s size. By reducing the surface area of the outer pipe, engineers decrease the potential of surface heat loss and piping costs.

  • Simplify Installation

    Spaceloft Subsea insulation comes in prepackaged panels applied with robust self-adhesive tape, rather than rivets that can cause operator discomfort.

  • Minimize Material Waste

    Spaceloft Subsea panels can be cut to size onsite without damaging the integrity of the package.

For more than 20 years, Aspen Aerogels has supported EPCs with their most challenging subsea applications.