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Providing Value in Above Ambient Industrial Applications

Industrial plants began using insulation in hot applications to help conserve energy generated they had generated or invested in their processes. However, the use of traditional insulation products soon created additional process problems, such as corrosion under insulation (CUI). When insulation soaks up water, it creates an environment that promotes CUI, resulting in severe asset degradation and potential loss of containment. Beyond the costly safety concerns, when insulation becomes wet, its ability to insulate drops considerably, rendering it nearly useless as an insulator.

Aspen Aerogels’ insulation blankets resist water and stay drier for longer, promoting a system that does not suffer this same corrosive environment. In addition, our line of Pyrogel® blankets was engineered to stand up to the main enemies of insulation: heat, water, and mechanical abuse. This allows industrial operators the chance to reuse the material and stop worrying about underperforming insulation.


  • Superior CUI Mitigation

    Our Pyrogel flexible aerogel insulation is engineered to manage water ingress better than traditional insulation products. Hydrophobicity throughout the composite resists liquid water ingress and the open-celled pores allow for steam to escape the system without damaging the insulation.

  • Improve Process Yield

    Wet insulation can result in process control issues due to variations in unit and pipe temperatures. Pyrogel insulation protects against process upsets, allowing unit operators to maintain stable process conditions and optimize process yields.

  • Longer Useful Life

    Pyrogel insulation’s flexible format protects against common mechanical damage. Foot traffic and tool drops do not have the same negative effect as you would see on rigid materials. In addition, Pyrogel insulation can be removed and reused after inspection to save time and unnecessary expense.

  • Personnel Protection

    High-temperature piping trains can expose workers to surface temperatures that can cause serious injuries. Insulating to get the surface temperatures below 140°F can help to protect people encountering these pipes. Our thin profile Pyrogel insulation can be easily installed, even in tight spaces where traditional insulations do not have enough room to be effective.

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