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The Aerogel Technology Leader

Since our founding in 2001, we have applied our core competency in aerogel science to engineer, manufacture, and commercialize aerogel-based solutions to address some of our most challenging energy conservation and asset protection applications. Our Aerogel Technology Platform™ enables a more sustainable world.

Transforming the Role of Industrial Insulation

Aspen Aerogels has reimagined the role of thermal insulation and fire protection for customers from subsea through downstream, transportation, and buildings. Our Cryogel®, Pyrogel®, and Spaceloft® solutions have become synonymous with superior project and operational benefits for engineers and owners alike.

Our world is currently in an unstoppable migration to cleaner energy and sustainable transportation; Cryogel Z supports the near-term transition fuels including LNG to deploy efficiently and safely.

Helping Build a Better Battery

In parallel, battery-based energy storage and e-mobility extend the demands of cell performance and safety. Aspen Aerogels is supporting OEMs globally with our amorphous silica-based PyroThin® thermal runaway propagation barriers. At the same time, our battery materials program, based on our carbon aerogel platform, offers lithium-ion cell manufacturers and OEMs a path to increased energy density.

Enabling a More Sustainable Future

As an aerogel technology company, we continue to invest in the optimization and protection of our existing portfolio while continuing to develop new technologies.

Our portfolio of aerogels spans amorphous silica, polyimide, carbon, and hybrid aerogels. We imagine the potential of our Aerogels Technology Platform™ to benefit pressing global challenges, including economic methods for carbon capture and the provision of clean water.

Your Partner in Solving Sustainability Challenges

Partnerships have been crucial to our success; our team of scientists and engineers work closely with companies to fully understand application requirements and to guide advancements for tomorrow’s aerogel-based solutions. If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete the form to the right.