LNG Liquefaction & Regasification

Solve Design Challenges, Meet Construction Milestones, and Improve Operational Stability with Cryogel® Z Cryogenic Insulation

As global demand for natural gas continues to grow, engineers face the challenge of maintaining the operation of liquid natural gas (LNG) liquefaction and regasification facilities in regions with high humidity and rainfall. Insulation failure leads to excessive condensation and noticeable ice formation causing damage to the assets. Additionally, falling ice puts personnel at risk. Poorly insulated piping can also increase boil-off gas rates, which negatively impact the facility’s economic performance. Cryogel® Z cryogenic insulation excels in these harsh conditions.

Cryogel Z aerogel insulation simplifies a facility’s cryogenic insulation system by combining thermal performance, acoustic attenuation, as well as protection against cold splash and jet fire in an easy-to-install blanket format. In addition to being a top choice for maintenance and turnaround work, Cryogel Z has been specified and used in nearly 50 major LNG liquefication and regasification projects around the world.


Reduce Labor Costs

Cryogel Z aerogel blankets are easy to install — up to 30% faster on large bore piping in comparison to rigid insulations. Its performance is also not as sensitive to labor experience and level of craftmanship. This can help keep installation rates high and reworks low in regions where skilled cryogenic insulation installers are scarce.

Stay on Schedule

Prefabrication and modular installs can help sites make up for lost time. Cryogel Z is incredibly robust, so there is no breakage while transporting between the construction yard and LNG terminal.

Improve Operational Stability

Cryogel Z does not require the use of contraction joints which saves time, money, and eliminates a potential point of insulation failure.

Streamline Logistics

Our single roll format allows insulators to cover large bore pipes, vessels, and complex geometry such as elbows and flanges. Facilities no longer have to warehouse boxes of material for multiple pipe sizes, eliminating costly job stoppages due to out-of-stock items or miscalculation of which SKU to use.

Simplify Maintenance

Cryogel Z blankets are removable and reusable, allowing for easy inspections without the added expense of replacing the material.

Cut Construction Costs

Cryogel Z insulation is thin and lightweight, allowing for a reduction in rack density and footprint during new construction. Smaller pipe racks and less structural weight may reduce steel and associated costs for beams, columns, and footings.

Increase Personnel Safety

Cryogel Z is 30-50% thinner than other cryogenic insulation materials, allowing for more room to navigate between pipes. Its low thermal conductivity and class-leading corrosion under insulation (CUI) defense prevent ice ball formation, which can damage assets and/or pose as slipping hazards.


Learn how Cryogel Z can benefit the Design and Construction phases of an LNG project, as well as support smooth operations.

How Cryogel Z Reversed a
2-Month Delay & Enabled Facility to Meet Milestone

The project schedule slipped during the construction of an LNG export terminal, requiring site management to scale the insulation installer presence. However, regional labor limitations posed a significant threat to meeting its first gas out milestone. The EPC arranged an installation demonstration and found that Cryogel Z installed 31% faster than the rigid insulation.

The Result – Cryogel Z was specified throughout the facility, allowing the plant to meet its milestone with zero callbacks.

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