Power Generation Facilities

High Performance Insulation for High Energy Piping

Annual inspections of high-energy piping (HEP) involve removing the insulation and metal jacketing covering these systems. During these inspections, power generation facilities often find degradation of rigid calcium silicate insulation requiring replacement. This leads to unnecessary expenditure and the potential for increased downtime.

Pyrogel® HPS blankets are engineered to provide exceptional thermal performance and value at service temperatures up to 1200° (650°C). It sustains thermal protection while resisting thermal insulation’s traditional enemies—heat, water, and mechanical damage. Pyrogel’s durability means that it can be reinstalled after inspections, saving both time and the expenses associated with replacing degraded insulation.

Insulation makes up less than 1% of the cost of a new combined-cycle power plant, but its installation can span 20% of the construction schedule.


  • Flexible

    Suppose your specification calls for a multi-layer, rigid insulation material for your high-energy piping and equipment. Rigid insulation systems are, by nature, inflexible – they are heavy, cumbersome, and susceptible to breakage in shipment (vibration, carton movement/jostling), during installation (dropping), and operation (footfall traffic).

  • Versatile

    Cut up one roll of Pyrogel HPS blanket to fit any size or shape of piping or equipment on your plant – never worry about extra or missing insulation again.

  • Ease of Installation

    Sheets of Pyrogel HPS are light, so they can be carried up scaffolding with ease. It is also thin enough to insulate 60% more piping per volume than rigid insulation.

  • Durable

    Pyrogel HPS is mechanically durable enough to withstand footfall traffic without breaking or crushing.