Passive fire protection

Thermally Insulate and Receive Fire Protection Benefits in One system

Engineers working in refineries, petrochemical plants and LNG facilities are often presented with the complex task of providing both thermal and fire protection to assets located in fire rated areas of their plants. Traditional cementitious fireproofing involves a time-consuming installation process and can be easily damaged during coating or inspection.

Our Pyrogel® XTF and Cryogel® Z flexible aerogel blanket insulation provides exceptional passive fire protection and superior thermal performance in an easy to install, lightweight format.

Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF) is often a concern for facility operators as cement-based products do not allow water vapor to escape. Hydrophobic and breathable, Pyrogel XTF keeps underlying assets drier for longer, providing superior corrosion defense and maintaining process conditions even in the harshest of environments.

With more asset coverage per man hour, especially on large-bore piping, vessels and skirts, Pyrogel XTF supports a faster return to service. It can be applied in all weather conditions and requires no cure time, providing immediate protection of assets.

Our flexible blanket format allows for quick removal and reinstallation during inspection events, saving facilities from having to repurchase the insulation and fireproofing. By eliminating the wait time for cement type fireproofing to cure, revenue producing units can return to service more quickly, providing additional value to their facilities.

Tested to the most stringent fire-protection standards, Pyrogel XTF delivers hydrocarbon pool-fire protection for up to 4 hours, and jet fire protection up to 2 hours. It can also be used to meet the requirements of API 521 for the sizing of pressure relief systems.


  • Versatile

    With superior thermal protection and fireproofing combined in one solution, engineers can streamline their designs and reduce the volume of materials and process steps needed to conform to stringent fire codes.

  • Ease of Install

    With our flexible aerogel blanket solutions there is no need for cure time or rework due to damage caused during installation and inspection. Once the Pyrogel® XTF and Cryogel® Z thermal blankets are installed and jacketed, the facility can restart their process with no additional delays.

  • Remove and Reuse

    Inspections normally require the removal and disposal of both the fireproofing system as well as the thermal insulation. Our system can be removed and reused multiple times with no performance degradation. Simply cut the banding, remove the jacketing and unwrap the insulation. Following inspection, rewrap the insulation, reinstall the jacketing and band the system.

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