Maximize Thermal Runaway Propagation Protection with PyroThin® Cell-to-Cell Thermal Barriers

  • Mitigate or Stop Thermal Runaway Propagation

    PyroThin advanced thermal barriers have proven that thermal propagation can be stopped at a cell-to-cell level.

  • Meet Critical Safety Requirements

    PyroThin helps battery engineers satisfy and exceed China’s GB38031 and the United Nations’ ECE/TRANS/180/Add.20 standards.

  • Optimize Battery Pack Performance

    Major OEMs choose PyroThin because PyroThin can perform the mechanical function of a compression pad and the thermal role of a fire barrier.

  • Enable Next-Generation Cell Architecture

    PyroThin cell-to-cell barriers are ultrathin and lightweight, which supports maximum volumetric cell-to-pack ratio (VCPR).

Discover How PyroThin Thermal Barriers Can Support Your Battery Safety And Pack Performance Goals

Aerogel Cell-to-Cell Barriers for eMobility and Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

PyroThin cell-to-cell barriers are a top choice for battery engineers because of PyroThin’s unrivaled thermal and mechanical performance throughout the pack’s lifecycle.

Aspen’s patent-protected Aerogel Technology Platform® enables engineers to optimize PyroThin C2C barriers to meet specific requirements for thermal conductivity, thickness, and compression response.

Partner with Engineers Who Are Leading Thermal Runaway Propagation Protection

Aspen’s thermal barrier engineering team supports thermal runaway mitigation programs globally. We have a network of multilingual engineers based in…

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America

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PyroThin’s Proven Performance

Aspen Aerogels was named an Overdrive Award Winner for Launch Excellence, as part of General Motors’ 30th Supplier of the Year Award. PyroThin’s proprietary technology and Aspen’s agile engineering support played a crucial role in GM’s thermal propagation strategy for their Ultium battery platform.

PyroThin C2C barriers are in volume production for major automotive OEMs in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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