Mitigate Thermal Runaway Propagation with PyroThin®

PyroThin® is a thin, lightweight, high-temperature thermal insulation and fire barrier engineered to mitigate thermal runaway propagation at cell-to-cell, module, and pack barrier level. PyroThin’s aerogel technology evolved from two decades of thermal protection development in energy infrastructure, chemical processing, and transportation applications, including internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicle (EV) platforms.

Starting at only 2mm thickness, our thermal runaway barriers can be tailored to perform in critical applications, including:

  • Cell-to-cell thermal runaway propagation
  • Battery pack and module barriers

PyroThin ATB1000

PyroThin ATB1000 was engineered to deliver the utmost in low thermal conductivity in severely space-constrained applications. PyroThin ATB1000 is ideal for applications where ultra-low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, thin form factors, ultra-low weight, and greater compressibility is demanded.

PyroThin ATB1000 is optimized to deliver class-leading thermal protection. It is available in 2 and 3mm thicknesses.

PyroThin ATB2000

PyroThin ATB2000 shares many of the exceptional characteristics of PyroThin ATB1000 but has been optimized to deliver increased mechanical performance. It is available in 2 and 3mm thicknesses.

PyroThin Benefits

  • Superior Thermal Runaway Protection

    PyroThin™ thermal barriers placed between pouch or prismatic cells in lithium-ion battery systems can provide precious minutes of protection from an adjacent cell that is undergoing thermal runaway.

  • Improve Battery Performance

    PyroThin delivers the required thermal resistance in the thinnest available selection, helping OEMs to maximize their energy density.

  • Battery Pack Passive Fire Protection

    When used inside of the battery pack, PyroThin aerogel sheets can act as a thermal and fire barrier. They can help you meet regulatory and manufacturer mandated safety goals.

  • Optimize Battery Life

    PyroThin’s flexible format accommodates a LIB’s daily breathing and progressive swelling as it ages. Even at the end of life, PyroThin has sufficient thermal resistance to mitigate thermal propagation.

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We understand that not all thermal runaway challenges are the same. PyroThin’s versatile aerogel platform can be engineered to accommodate specific thermal, compression response, and thickness needs.

Our PyroThin thermal runaway barrier design team is available to discuss your requirements for cell-to-cell, module, or pack barrier applications. Take advantage of our comprehensive design, concept, and prototyping service by completing the form to the right or scheduling a meeting directly.