High Temperature Aerogel Blankets with Industry-Leading Protection Against Corrosion Under Insulation

Pyrogel® XTE aerogel insulation leverages patented technology to deliver extremely low thermal conductivity and industry-leading defense against corrosion under insulation (CUI).

The largest energy facilities in the world turn to Pyrogel XTE insulation to help optimize critical process conditions, protect assets and maximize process yields. Engineers and contractors alike value Pyrogel XTE for turnarounds because its flexible format is fast to install and adapts to complex geometry.

Pyrogel XTE Benefits

  • Decrease Downtime

    Pyrogel XTE insulation reduces schedule delays due to the elements because it can be installed in various weather conditions. In certain situations, Pyrogel XTE can be installed on live units. This allows operations to get back online faster, which can reduce labor costs and missed revenue.

  • Protect Assets from CUI

    Pyrogel XTE keeps assets drier for longer, delivering world-class defense against CUI.

  • Improve Process Stability

    Pyrogel XTE helps maintain desired temperatures throughout your process, which is critical to optimizing process yield and maximizing profitability.

  • Remove and Reuse

    Pyrogel XTE insulation can be carefully removed and reused multiple times without degradation, eliminating the cost of replacement material and waste disposal.

  • Compatible with Steam/Electric Tracing

    Pyrogel XTE’s thin, flexible, and hydrophobic properties provide a weather-tight environment for the complex geometry of heat tracing.

  • Simplify Logistics

    A roll of Pyrogel XTE can be cut to conform to pipes, vessels, valves, and flanges. This may significantly reduce the costs of material handling and inventory management.

  • Cut Construction Costs

    Pyrogel XTE is ultrathin and lightweight, allowing for a possible reduction in rack density and footprint during new construction. Smaller pipe racks and less structural weight may reduce steel and associated costs for beams, columns, and footings.

Product Documentation

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Pyrogel XTE Installation Support for Piping and Equipment

Our Technical Services engineers combined decades worth of real-world application experience into a step-by-step installation manual. This guide walks you through techniques proven in the field, accompanied by detailed cutting charts and material handling instructions.

Whether your team is looking for help insulating complex geometry or writing specifications, our Technical Services engineers are available to support. Hands-on and virtual training programs for contractors are also available. To learn more, please contact Technical Services.