Combined Passive Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation for High-Temperature Industrial Applications

Pyrogel® XTF aerogel insulation provides superior thermal performance and passive fire protection (PFP) for pipes and vessels. Facilities around the world choose Pyrogel XTF as part of their passive fire protection system because of its low total cost of ownership. As an all-in-one solution, Pyrogel XTF insulation reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for coatings and additional structural support typically required by traditional PFP solutions. It not only protects assets during fire events, but Pyrogel XTF’s class-leading corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) defense can reduce the risk of degrading assets.

In addition to maintaining critical process temperatures, Pyrogel XTF delivers customizable hydrocarbon pool-fire and jet fire protection to fulfill your site’s requirements. Our Technical Services engineers can provide support to your team to meet API 521 requirements for the sizing of pressure relief systems for a new build or existing structure.

Pyrogel XTF Benefits

  • Stay on Schedule

    Application of Pyrogel XTF is not weather dependent, so units can be insulated in the rain or during high humidity. There are no cure times between the installation of layers. The protection begins once the installed Pyrogel XTF layers are jacketed.

  • Weight Reduction

    Pyrogel XTF insulation is thin and lightweight, which may allow facilities to upgrade fireproofing systems on existing vessels without altering pads or foundations.

  • Remove and Reuse

    Pyrogel XTF aerogel blankets can be carefully removed and reused multiple times without degradation, thus eliminating replacement material costs.

  • Protect Assets from CUF

    Pyrogel XTF keeps underlying assets drier for longer and provides corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) defense while maintaining process conditions.

Product Documentation

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How to Install Pyrogel XTF Insulation for Industrial Passive Fire Protection Systems

Utilizing techniques proven in the field, our Technical Services engineers developed a detailed installation manual that includes cutting charts and material handling instructions.

Our Technical Services team is available to travel anywhere in the world for hands-on training. Virtual training programs are also available. To learn more about our contractor training or for help writing specifications, please contact Technical Services.