Battery Materials

Helping Cell manufacturers and OEMs Create Lower Cost, Higher-Performing Energy Storage

Assembled from two decades of research and innovation, our Aerogel Technology Platform™ is the source of our commercial breakthroughs. In the case of our carbon aerogel program, we recognized from the outset that our patented process offered a lower-cost path to higher-performing energy storage.

With cell manufacturers and OEMs alike striving for single-digit improvements in energy density, our versatile open-platform of carbon aerogel and carbon aerogel-silicon materials offers both immediate and medium-term advances in cell energy density in a drop-in format.

Increase Energy Density with Carbon Aerogel-silicon Hybrid

Aspen Aerogels patented carbon aerogel-silicon process harnesses silicon’s path to increased energy density by locating silicon within the tunable porosity of the high-strength carbon aerogel. This hybrid design allows the silicon to lithiate freely without risk to the mechanical integrity of the carbon aerogel network.

Produced in a micron-scale bead format, this low-cost solution is readily available to blend into traditional graphite anode materials.

Future State

Aspen Aerogels' Carbon Aerogel

While our carbon aerogel-silicon materials offer an immediate and attractive step in energy density, we recognize that cell manufacturers and OEMs will require more advanced improvements in cell performance and cost in the medium and longer term. Our carbon aerogel beads offer a path to further improvements in capacity and charge speeds.

To learn more about our open-platform commercial carbon aerogel-silicon materials and our continued advances in carbon aerogels for medium and long-term energy storage advancements, contact us today.

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