Cryogel & Pyrogel Acoustic Design Calculator

A Decade of Data and Testing Consolidated into an Easy-to-Use Calculator

Make up lost time during the insulation phase. Insulation is often the last thing standing between you and getting the unit back online. Imagine having the ability to make up lost time during the insulation phase. You can with Cryogel and Pyrogel aerogel insulation.

Aspen Aerogel’s technical services team created this plug-and-play calculation tool to help engineers design Cryogel® and Pyrogel® based insulation systems for combined acoustic and thermal requirements and to estimate the level of noise reduction these systems will provide.

This Excel-based calculator simplifies the cold acoustic design process. Most inputs are selected from drop-down menus and a design plan is immediately displayed. Specification drawings and charts are also calculated, ready to insert into project documents.

Note: This tool is intended for use by professional engineers tasked with the design of hot and cold acoustic insulation for industrial processes, the tool is provided to qualified applicants only. Registered users will be notified of version updates when released by email.

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