Thin, High-Performance Thermal Insulation for New and Retrofit Building Applications

Spaceloft® aerogel insulation offers architects and engineers a simple drop-in solution to the challenge of meeting increasingly stringent energy codes without surrendering valuable space.

With a class-leading thermal conductivity of 15mW/mK (R=9.6 per inch), Spaceloft can be used in applications where conventional insulations will not fit and where the loss of space would compromise the safety or aesthetic of the project.

Whether you are an architect in need of an enhanced detail, a conservationist looking to restore a heritage building, contact us today to discover how Spaceloft can meet your needs.

Spaceloft® insulation can be deployed in many building applications including the following applications:

  • Internal & External Wall Insulation
  • Ceilings, Dormers and Pitched Roofs
  • Internal Floor, Terrace & Balcony
  • Gutters & Soffits
  • Window, door, and fenestration inserts to improve U value
  • Services, ducts, water pipework

Flexible Aerogel Building Insulation Benefits

  • Save Space

    Spaceloft flexible blanket is hydrophobic and vapor-open, making it suitable for retrofit and heritage projects where space is generally limited, and hygrothermal risk assessment identifies the need for a breathable insulation solution.

  • Improves Inhabitant Comfort

    Indoor air quality is critical to the safe and comfortable use of a building; Spaceloft does not contain adhesives or binders; accordingly, it achieves a top rating in IAQ testing.

  • Versatile

    Spaceloft’s versatility and ability to shape into panels, strips, or pads make it an excellent choice to mitigate thermal bridging.

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