LNG Liquefaction & Regasification

The processes for liquefaction and gasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are the most challenging services demanded of industrial thermal insulation. Any shortcomings in the insulation performance are revealed immediately—excess condensation and ice formation are visible to the eye, while excessive boil off gas rates impact economic performance. Rest easy—keeping your assets safe and performing optimally is what we do best

Proven Cold Service Asset and Process Protection For LNG

Unmatched in sub-ambient, cold cycling and cryogenic applications, Cryogel® Z is flexible aerogel blanket insulation engineered to deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal weight and thickness, making it the first choice in cold conservation for the LNG market. It incorporates an integral vapor retarder with zero water vapor permeability to ensure mission-critical asset protection.

Why Cryogel Z for LNG?



Accelerate Installation

Increase labor productivity while decreasing install time
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Reduce Installation Complexity

Eliminate the need for contraction joints
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Maximum Use of Space

Resolve mechanical clashes and shrink module footprints
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Simplify Logistics with Combined Protections

Thermal, acoustic, jet-fire, pool fire, and cold splash protection—all in one product. Specify IMO Grade for applications requiring IMO Parts 2 and 5 compliance.
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Safe and Easy Maintenance

Remove and re-use material, and perform live installs and maintenance
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An LNG receiving terminal in Thailand chose Cryogel Z for jetty lines, tank interconnects, and regasification piping and equipment.
Cryogel Z installation requires no costly and time-consuming contraction joints.
Cryogel insulated 8000m of piping in 60 days, half the time required for a rigid foam system.
"If we had used any other insulation product, we'd still be there." — EPC Project Manager, 2 months after first cargo
Cryogel insulation (right hand pipes) is a fraction of the thickness of rigid insulation (left hand pipes).

Product Family

Cryogel Z

Flexible industrial and commercial insulation for sub-ambient and cryogenic applications.

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Time-Saving Advantages of Pyrogel and Cryogel in Turnarounds and Maintenance 
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Case Studies

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