20 Years of Solving the
World’s Toughest Challenges

Our Technology Supports a More Sustainable Future

For 20 years, our aerogel technology platform has transformed insulation into a tool that helps organizations accomplish their goals around energy efficiency, resource efficiency, asset resiliency, and safety.

In this video, Aspen Aerogels’ CEO, Don Young, reflects on what we have accomplished in the past two decades and our vision for the future.

Enabling Innovation Around the World in Major Industries

  • Energy Infrastructure

    Our superior thermal performance helps optimize process yields while minimizing corrosion under insulation. We also offer insulation solutions for passive fire protection and acoustic attenuation.

  • Battery Thermal Barriers

    We optimized our passive fire protection technology to develop a thermal barrier solution, ideal for mitigating thermal runaway in electric vehicle (EV) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) applications.

  • Battery Materials

    Our carbon aerogel solution helps optimize the energy density of lithium-ion batteries to meet stringent regulatory safety requirements while supporting customer demand for increased drive range.

  • Sustainable Building Materials

    Using sustainable building materials to improve energy efficiency has become a top priority. Our industry-leading thermal performance helps buildings maintain desired temperatures, lowering overall energy expenditure.

Superior Technology Supported by a Brilliant Team

  • Luke L.

    Production Supervisor

    I started as a Production Operator and quickly learned all of the roles on the floor. In late 2016, I was promoted to Engineering Technician. I was able to work closer with my peers and learn even more about the unique systems we operate daily. At the end of 2020, I was offered the position of Production Supervisor.

    I feel blessed to be a part of this company as it has strengthened me as a person and as an employee far beyond my initial expectations. I find joy in enjoy sharing my knowledge with new employees or anyone with a question about our process. The friendly atmosphere and specialized operations have had me here for 8 years and I’m sure I’ll still be here after another 8.

  • Jeannie V.

    HR Administrator

    I started with Aspen in January of 2013. I love my job. The interaction at Aspen is great. I have met people from all over the world.

    Aspen has great benefits, many programs and resources to assist with any of your personal needs. Working here is a comparison to going to visit your favorite cousins. Everyone is friendly and welcoming to all. My days at Aspen are fast paced and voluminous and I love it. Aspen has helped me to grow professionally and personally.

  • Mike N.

    Training Coordinator

    I started working at Aspen in 2013 and early on, it became clear that Aspen was a company that provides ample opportunities for advancement. I have been crossed trained in many different areas, assigned to work on special projects, and learn new skills. Aspen supported me while I finished my associates degree, and even helped pay for classes through their tuition reimbursement program. My managers and supervisors have always gone above and beyond to help me overcome obstacles at work.

    I feel a great sense of pride when people ask me what I do for a living, and I am able to talk about the exciting future that Aspen has ahead! This company is filled with kind, dedicated people who treat one another fairly, and are great to work alongside.