The Advantages of Versatility – Pyrogel and Cryogel Insulation

By John Williams

December 11, 2017

What comes to mind when you think of the word versatility? Multipurpose tools are versatile. All-around athletes are versatile. But your industrial insulation?

Something that’s versatile can be adapted to many uses—and nothing exemplifies that more than a roll of Pyrogel® or Cryogel® flexible aerogel insulation blankets. With their simple roll format, and single product SKU, Pyrogel or Cryogel can be easily adapted to fit a multitude of forms and to meet a wide range of functions.

Versatile insulation, however, means more than just being useful in diverse applications and in nearly any area of your plant. In fact, the biggest advantage of versatile insulation is that it can save you significant time and expense.  Here’s how:

Form Factor

First, let’s highlight one of the major attributes that makes Pyrogel and Cryogel a more versatile product. Pyrogel and Cryogel flexible blankets come in roll form and are readily cut into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. By comparison, rigid industrial insulation requires a significant number of product SKU’s—one for each of the specific shapes and sizes required to meet the demands of a job.

Custom Tailoring

With such a versatile format, Pyrogel or Cryogel aerogel blankets can be used to protect practically any operating unit, from the smallest pipe to the largest vessel. A single roll can be used to fabricate elbows, valves, vessel heads, piping, and more.

And what’s more, if anything in your project’s scope should change, you aren’t left waiting for the correct sizes to be delivered by your supplier. You can accommodate changing insulation requirements easily and onsite as the need arises.

The versatile format of aerogel blankets minimizes the time and money spent managing complex insulation inventories for projects and maintenance work. The need for dozens of product SKU’s, keeping large storage and lay-down areas, waiting for special-order parts, and over-ordering of stock to account for breakage is all but eliminated.  Waste disposal needs are also reduced, driving additional cost savings that quickly add up.Simplified Logistics

Use of Pyrogel and Cryogel significantly reduces material handling and inventory management on big projects including turnarounds, maintenance and outages.

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Reduced Waste

During a recent installation of Pyrogel HPS at a Gulf Coast refinery, several rolls remained at the conclusion of the job. Instead of taking up valuable storage space, or worse—thrown away—the facilities team decided to use the leftover material to insulate another job elsewhere in the plant.

Unlike rigid insulations, the versatility Pyrogel or Cryogel blankets mean you can put them to use where you need them—even if you are left with additional material at the end of a job. By not wasting materials, you’ll be more likely to bring all your projects in under budget.

Examples of Versatility

What does versatility look like? Below are a handful of examples in which a single format got the job done.

Your insulation projects and maintenance programs are complex enough. Versatile insulation provides you with convenience, flexibility, and ultimately, the confidence that you can complete any insulation job on time and under budget. You will save time and money with a versatile product that minimizes scrap, simplifies ordering and delivers when you need it most.

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be glad to show you how Cyrogel and Pyrogel can save you time and money.