Aerogels – From a Lab Curiosity to an Industrial Reality

By Brian Cahill

July 26, 2017

Note: listen to the audio blog below

During his post-doctoral fellowship at Brookhaven National Laboratory, George Gould, Vice President of Research & Development at Aspen Aerogels, was first introduced to aerogels—nanoporous solids that are extremely important not only for thermal insulation, but also for the future of energy and energy savings.

Since then, George and the team at Aspen have been engineering products for performance, safety, and sustainability—effectively changing the way people think about insulation. As George told us, he truly believes that through advancements in chemistry and engineering, our products can make the world a better place.

It’s this “changing the world kind of passion” that makes having a conversation with George so captivating. It’s also why we decided to record our most recent sit-down with George so we could share his—and the company’s—point of view regarding how aerogel technology innovations are making a difference today.

Since the launch of our blog in late 2016, many of you have reached out to us to learn more about our company and our technology.  We’re passionate about our aerogel technology, so we decided tell our story in a new (for us) audio format. We’re taking time to chat with some of the key innovators and leaders in our company and asking them to share their personal Aspen Aerogels story.  As the series progresses, we will explore our aerogel technology platform, get a glimpse of the future of aerogels and understand how our advanced materials are shaping energy conversations around the world.

In our inaugural episode, we sat with George Gould, Vice President of Research and Development to learn of his personal journey in aerogel technology, from his inquisitive early years to his current role as the technology leader of our pioneering aerogel technology company.

We enjoyed our chat with George and we hope you do too!

Bonus audio

George gladly offered his advice to chemistry students and other young professionals who are interested in aerogel technology.

His insightful response has us eager to transform the world. What do you think?

Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoyed our first episode, stay tuned for our next episodes!