Pyrogel® XTE and Pyrogel® HPS Pony Rolls™

Unmatched CUI Defense, Enhanced Process Stability, and Simplified Logistics, All in a Convenient Grab-and-Go Format

Facilities can now enjoy Pyrogel® XTE and Pyrogel® HPS’s class-leading thermal performance and corrosion under insulation (CUI) protection in a smaller format. Pony Rolls™ are 80 ft2 (7.4 m2) and less than 45 lbs (20 kg), allowing individuals to grab a roll from the warehouse and head straight to the job site.

Pony Rolls are excellent to have on-hand for working in vaults and tunnels, small maintenance jobs, and for follow-up after large maintenance events.

Providing all the benefits of Pyrogel in our
easy-to-handle Pony Rolls

  • Are convenient to use and easy to move
  • Are faster to cut on the jobsite
  • Can be handled by one person for greater productivity on pipe and fittings
  • Provide even greater benefits in tight spaces like pipe racks, tunnels and vaults

Why Facilities Choose Pony Rolls

Replace Incumbent Insulation on the Spot

When wet and damaged insulation needs to be replaced quickly, a convenient Pyrogel Pony Roll lets you get the job done fast—saving you time, man hours, and money.

Insulate Narrow and Tight Spaces

Tight spaces? Narrow catwalks? Pony Rolls make staging, cutting, handling and insulating in small areas easier. They enable the speed and efficiency you need to keep your project running smoothly.

Boost Steam Network Resiliency

Pyrogel keeps steam and condensate pipes drier for longer, which supports better steam quality, boosts network resiliency and gets even more productivity out of your insulation.

Simplify Maintenance

Pony Rolls are perfect for maintenance work. The small format allows for easy cutting, application and storage—so you are never without Pyrogel when you need it.

Find Your Local Pyrogel Pony Roll Distributor

Pony Rolls of Pyrogel XTE and Pyrogel HPS are available in 10 mm thickness from Aspen Aerogels’ distribution network across the United States and Canada. Contact us today to discover where you can purchase Pony Rolls™ near you.

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