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Read How Cryogel® Z Has Accelerated LNG Project Completions Worldwide

Whether rescuing a delayed project or getting to first-gas on schedule, Cryogel® has years of experience in successfully helping LNG producers overcome the challenge of time.

Download a free copy of “Time is Money” to read about how aerogel technology has accelerated LNG project completions worldwide.

Cryogel® Z For Sub-Ambient & Cryogenic Applications

Cryogel® Z is a top choice in cold conservation because it offers protection against cold splash, jet fire, as well as acoustic attenuation in an ultrathin and lightweight package. Unlike traditional cryogenic insulation, Cryogel® Z aerogel insulation is easy to install and can be used throughout a facility due to its flexible blanket format.

Solve Design Challenges, Meet Regasification Milestones, And Improve Operational Stability

Cryogel® Z aerogel insulation simplifies a facility’s cryogenic insulation system by combining thermal performance, acoustic attenuation, as well as protection against cold splash and jet fire in an easy-to-install blanket format.

Our Industry-Leading Aerogel Technology Platform 

Aspen Aerogels was the first company to successfully commercialize a technically and economically viable form of aerogel insulation. Pyrogel® and Cryogel® products reimagined the role of industrial insulation and became essential tools for engineers in process stability and asset protection.