Why Cryogel for LNG?


Benefits for EPC's


Benefits for Owners

  • Cryogel Z can be applied up to 40% faster than rigid cryogenic insulation
  • Cryogel Z eliminates the need for costly and complex contraction joints
  • Cryogel Z’s simple application detail supports rapid scaling of application workforce
  • Cryogel Z’s thin format resolves mechanical clashes and reduced module footprints
  • Cryogel Z can be pre-insulated remotely, saving time and expense
  • Cryogel Z is tough and durable, accommodating modular construction, subsequent sea and road transport with ease
  • Cryogel Z—one product, one format for all pipe and equipment
  • Cryogel Z—Pool and Jet Fire, Acoustic Attenuation, Cold Splash and Cold Conservation protections in one product.

  • Cryogel Z eliminates the need for costly and complex contraction joints
  • Cryogel Z’s multi-layer protection supports best-in-class redundant protection, avoiding problems during commissioning and operation
  • Cryogel Z remains flexible even at cryogenic temperatures; it can be removed and reused for inspection and maintenance
  • Cryogel Z can be used to recover failed cryogenic insulation on live systems

Cryogel® Z Accelerates Insulation Installation in LNG Projects.

Did you know that insulation work represents 3% of your overall project budget, but impacts 30% of your project timeline? You’ll realize increased labor productivity and faster installation rates with Cryogel Z’s easy-to-install package, saving you time, man hours, and money.
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Cryogel® Z Reduces the Complexity of Insulation Installation in LNG Projects.

Cryogel Z eliminates the need for contraction joints, reducing cost and complexity, and helping you avoid delays when labor is scarce.
Case Study Article for Insulating LNG Import Terminal with Flexible Aerogel Blanket Materials


Cryogel® Z Enables Maximum Use of Space in LNG Projects.

Cryogel Z’s extremely low thermal conductivity enables thinner designs, and is ideal for space- or weight-constrained locations, such as legacy spheres and vessels. It resolves mechanical clashes, shrinks module footprints, and is easy to work with. Plus, Cryogel Z’s sustained performance during construction, transport, and operations makes it suitable for pre-insulation and modular builds.
Pre-Insulated LNG Construction to Bridge the Modular Gap


Cryogel® Z Simplifies LNG Project Logistics by Providing Five Protections in One Insulation.

Cryogel Z’s simplified design and versatility provides 5-in-1 thermal, acoustic, jet-fire, pool fire, and cold splash protection—all in a single system. Plus, you won’t experience material shortages—one roll does it all.
LNG Industry Article High Five July 2014


Cryogel® Z Enables Safe and Easy Maintenance for LNG Projects.

With Cryogel Z, you can safely perform live installs and maintenance, as well as remediate failed installs. Its rugged, durable format withstands mechanical abuse and remains flexible, even at cryogenic temperatures, enabling you to remove and reuse Cryogel Z while providing continued protection throughout the life of the asset.



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