Industrial Insulation for High-Temperature Applications

It is no secret that maintaining critical temperatures is key to process yield. Yet many insulations fall short because they cannot handle high-temperature conditions. Pyrogel® HPS was engineered from the ground up to thrive in harsh environments such as delayed coking and high-energy piping (HEP). Through our patented manufacturing process, Pyrogel HPS achieves an extremely low thermal conductivity while being up to 75% thinner than competing insulation materials.

Complex geometry and space limitations pose a great challenge to rigid insulation, which is often used in high-temperature applications. Facilities are switching to Pyrogel HPS because its flexible blanket format can be used on both pipes and vessels. A single SKU of Pyrogel replaces a warehouse overflowing with a made-to-order inventory of rigid insulation that can only insulate certain areas of a unit.

Pyrogel HPS Benefits

  • Improve Process Stability

    Pyrogel HPS helps maintain desired temperatures throughout your process, which is a critical step in maximizing process yield.

  • Boost Labor Productivity

    In many situations Pyrogel HPS installs faster than rigid insulation delivering more coverage per man-hour. It does not absorb water so it can be installed in any weather, allowing units to return online sooner.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Failure to manage critical temperatures in certain applications may increase the possibility of expensive maintenance events, such as pigging lines. Facilities using Pyrogel HPS have reduced downtime by limiting costly maintenance events.

  • Remove and Reuse

    Pyrogel HPS can be carefully removed and reused multiple times, eliminating the cost of replacement material and waste disposal.

  • Extend Lifetime of Assets

    Pyrogel HPS can help prevent unwanted heat loss and eliminate the need to push a furnace or boiler to its operational limit. By maintaining optimal process temperatures, Pyrogel HPS can help increase the lifespan of these assets.

  • Simplify Logistics

    Pyrogel HPS can be used to insulate almost any operating unit, from small pipes to large vessels, which can significantly reduce the costs of material handling and inventory management.

Product Documentation

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Installation Support for Pyrogel HPS High-Temperature Insulation

Installing Pyrogel is now easier than ever thanks to our Technical Services engineers combining decades of their experience into a step-by-step installation guide. This manual walks you through techniques proven in the field, accompanied by detailed cutting charts and material handling instructions.

Whether your team is looking for help insulating complex geometry or writing specifications, our Technical Services engineers are available to support. Hands-on and virtual training programs for contractors are also available. To learn more, please contact Technical Services.