Insulation for Building & Construction

Throughout the Building Envelope - Save Space and Improve Energy Efficiency With Spaceloft® Flexible Aerogel Blanket Insulation

building insulation in colorful row housesFrom the modern high rise to heritage structures and everything in between, the need to conserve energy in our buildings creates a multitude of technical issues for architects and homeowners alike.

Common challenges include:

  • Lack of insulation space
  • Dynamic building physics
  • Preserving historical features

Improving energy efficiency using thick, conventional insulation inevitably requires the surrender of space - and that can potentially impact architectural integrity, lessen living standards for the tenant or reduce investment income for the owner. In many new build and retrofit projects, poor performing insulation can actually result in damage to an occupant's health or building fabric. In extreme cases, a building can be rendered uninhabitable.

Outstanding Thermal Performance for Building Applications

For over 10 years, Spaceloft® aerogel blanket insulation has been the super-insulation material of choice to address heat loss in space challenged environments. Spaceloft® has the lowest thermal conductivity of any durable thermal insulation available today. Its flexible, hydrophobic and breathable format supports use in a wide range of applications including:

  • Walls (internal & external)
  • Floors
  • Ceilings, Dormers and Pitched Roofs
  • Terrace & Balcony
  • Gutter & Soffit
  • Window, door and fenestration inserts
  • Point, repeating & linear thermal bridging treatment
  • Services, ducts, hot water pipework

Versatile Insulation for Any Space

Spaceloft® blanket insulation is highly versatile. Use it in zero emissions buildings, passive houses, government retrofit programs and tiny house projects. No matter how complex the detail, if your problem is space then Spaceloft® blanket insulation is your solution.

Whether you are an architect in need of an enhanced detail, a conservationist looking to restore a heritage building or an owner with an insulation problem, contact us today to discover how Spaceloft® can meet your needs. 

Technical Data

Spaceloft® Aerogel Blanket Insulation Technical Information

Additional partner information, continuous professional development presentations and technical guide available on request.

VOC Indoor Air Comfort  
Spaceloft® Environmental Product Declaration


View examples of Spaceloft® aerogel blanket projects

Spaceloft 10mm arrives on the building site, ready to fit.
Spaceloft is installed on this church roof in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The flexibility of Spaceloft means it can easily fit to different shapes. Here, Spaceloft is mechanically fixed to an interior concrete stairwell.
Spaceloft IWI panel mechanically fixed with fireproof pins
A finished basement using 30 mm of Spaceloft
Cutting 20mm Spaceloft Grey IWI panel